10 September 2008




            The Human Resource Development Ministry of India has taken a unilateral decision to introduce sex education to school students from the primary level to the higher secondary level from the academic year 2007-‘08. The project is to implement it through CBSE in the CBSE in the first phase. Thousands of teachers have been trained by the CBSE for this purpose. It is going to be implemented with the  co-operation of National Aids Control Organisation (NACO) & United Nations Children’s Educational Fund .(UNICEF). The rationale behind the implementation of the programme is stated in “Adolescence Education: National Frame work and State Action Plans (2005-06)”. It says: “Rationale-… Govt. of India has identified prevention of HIV/AIDS among adolescence as an urgent and immediate priority for action and has thrown up a National Action Plan for HIV Prevention Education…” (Pg: 5). Thousands of school teachers have been trained for this purpose!


            This has become an educational issue in the national scenario and has created a matter of hot discussion. Even though the whole of nation including the parents, students, educationalists and academicians are opposing it in single voice, the central govt. has decided to continue with its decision.


            The decision of educating sex to the students actually was not the ‘innovative idea’ by our human resource ministry. It was decided long ago in the Third International Parliamentarians’ Conference on the implementation of the ICDP programme of action which was held in Cairo on 5-13 September 1994. This International conference was organized by the United Nations Fund for Population Expansion. The representatives of 179 countries came to an understanding on the subject of reproductive health. In the name of unanimous international understanding, behind the curtains of UN, the western nations imposed their decisions on the entire world. Several Programmes were chalked out keeping the year 2015 as the target. One of the programmes was giving sex education to young children. And the decision by the HRD ministry was taken in this respect.


            The basic reason of spreading HIV/AIDS and other related epidemics is not due to ignorance of sex, but is due to  is due to immoral sex relationships, uncontrolled indulgence in sex and men having sex with female sex workers. Its not sex education that the Govt. should provide to combat HIV/AIDS, but moral education. It is the matter of vision and approach towards life. But, the synthesis of the curriculum is to ‘have free and safe sex with condom’ and not legitimate sex. The use of contraceptives is repeatedly stated on the text books published. We know that contraceptives are not used to suppress the sexual arousal but it is meant for use at the time of sexual relationship. It says that purpose that the proposed sex education project is the part of commercial market strategies of contraceptives manufacturing co.s. This is the same education that is being given to the public through different Medias which has resulted in this dangerous social environment of AIDS and other STDs. An advertisement that came in a channel was, a mother advising her child to carry condom in his pocket, for he may be in need, since he is going for a party. Indulgence in sex is what should be eliminated from the society and not having enough sex with condom. This life code is of the west and this is how varieties of sexually transmitted diseases had spread. Imparting sex education to the young students is like arousing hunger and then delaying food. It will generate disease not cure.


            The proposed school adolescent education programme is objectionable firstly because of its pornographic content. And indeed has a clear cultural and ideological orientation. According to the syllabus, the notion that homosexuality is abnormal is a myth. It says that to adopt male and female for sexual relationship is a personal preference and should not be viewed in a negative manner. (Handbook for teacher, YUVA School Adolescent Education Programme, Govt. of NCT, Delhi, pg: 122)

It continues; “Homosexuality is when a person has a sexual preference for or derives sexual gratification from members of his own sex. It is present in both males and females. Women attracted to other women are called Lesbians while men attracted to other men are called Gays. People attracted to both sexes are called bisexuals. Most people believe that homosexual individuals are abnormal. People make fun of them and isolate them and treat them differently. Attitudes towards persons with homosexual preferences are slowly under going a change all over the world.

… Persons with homosexual preferences are perfectly normal physically & mentally. They are well adjusted in the society, but some societies may misunderstand them and discriminate against them. We need to be empathetic to persons with homosexual orientation.” (Ibid Pg: 289)


The syllabus also contains “teachings” regarding masturbation, that it is good for health for both male & female. Oral sex will also be taught in detail in the class room. (Ibid; Pg:289) There is also an in detailed discussion of how to use a condom and the precautions that must be taken at the time of its use. (Ibid; Pg: 268-269)


These are only some sample indicators of the whole programme, from one of the many materials published so far. There are even more vulgar contents and even pictures of naked men & women which will be displayed in the class. The flip chart which must be displayed in the class room, contains “big” pictures of all the parts which mast not be shown in a classroom. Beware; this is what going to be taught to our brothers and sisters.




            The capitalistic imperialism is trying to create a social state wherein sex is liberal. The word sexual revolution refers to a radical change in the sexual morality and sexual behavior through out the western world during the 1960’s. People talk about it more openly and indulge more in sex than previous generation has done. Historian David Allyn argues it was the time of “coming out” about pre-marital sex, masturbation, erotic fantasies, pornography and homosexuality.


            According to the historians, there may be many reasons for this tremendous change in sexual attitude. One suggested reason for this modern revolution was the development of birth control pills in 1960 which gave women access to easy and reliable contraception. Another observation regarding this revolution was that it was more directly influence by the financial independence gained by many women who entered the work force during and after the World War II. Some historians also argue that sexual revolution was the rise of a counter culture or a cultural rebellion against the Christian church’s conservative approach towards sex. It was as a result of this revolution that a new movement of ‘free love’ in which tens of thousands of young people became ‘hippies’ and preached the beauty of sex and pre-marital sex as part of ordinary student life.


            This cleared the hurdles of marketing sex in the European countries and the companies which market sex gained billion of dollars. The sex industry consists of pornographic movies, literatures, magazines, web sites and companies manufacturing all types of contraceptives like condoms, diaphragms, cervical caps, birth controlling pills and tablets. Through the Liberalization and Globalization of Sexual Revolution, the multi national corporates can multiply its sex business, several times.


            We know that the foundation of capitalistic imperialism lies on shamelessness. It is preaching this life code by all means like cinemas, advertisements, internet, channels, art etc as a commercial market strategy. But this did not change the attitude of many people because of their firm belief in morality and ethics. With the powerful media of education, a tremendous change can be made through out the whole new generation round the globe.. Destabilizing the holy institution of family is also an agenda of the imperialist forces.


            Due to strong protests, the Govt.s of Kerala and Gujarat had to step back from implementing this programme. The student community must come to the forefront to defeat this war in which the whole of new generation is targeted.

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